ERF 2019 Ian Cheeseman Award for the best paper

Integration and Test of a Degraded Visual Environment System on H145
Presented by: Mr Tim Waanders,
Authors: Mr Tim Waanders, Mr Frank Roth, Dr Thomas Muensterer, Mr Bernhard Singer, Mrs Maya Shpak, Mr Omer Hasharoni,

ERF 2019 Chairman’s Award for the best paper

Unsteady Boundary-Layer Transition Measurements and Computations on a Rotating Blade Under Cyclic Pitch Condition
Presented by: Dr Armin Weiss,
Authors: Armin Weiss, C. Christian Wolf, Kurt Kaufmann, Johannes N. Braukmann, Markus Raffel (German Aerospace Center), James T. Heineck (NASA Ames Research Center),

ERF 2019 Padfield Award for the best young author paper

Visual-Vestibular Motion Cueing Assessment in Maritime Rotorcraft Flight Simulators
Presented by: Mr Wajih A Memon,
Authors: Mr Wajih A Memon, Dr Mark D White , Prof Ieuan Owen (The University of Liverpool)